• Prime shine solutions has set a high standard for commercial grade cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services in Hialeah, FL

Prime shine solutions has set a high standard for commercial grade cleaning.

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Maintaining a clean house requires cleaning every part of the house, especially the carpet floor. Carpets are the primary source of keeping the entire house clean and tidy. For example, having a clean home without a clean carpet is a no-no because no one would want to step on a dirty and disorganized carpet. Keeping that thing in mind, Prime Shine solutions focus on delivering a clean and tidy carpet to give your house that edge.

Your carpet takes so much abuse from daily foot traffic and spills. Carpet cleaning services can help keep your floors in shape by removing dust, dirt, and odor from your office. Extend the life of your carpets and save money with carpet cleaning services from Prime Shine Solutions!


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    Types of equipment required in carpet cleaning

    You know you have to clean the carpet when it produces different kinds of dirt from its surface. Cleaning your carpet without adequate equipment cannot always guarantee that you will have the cleanest carpet. Bearing that in point, Prime Shine Solutions proposes new to the latest equipment to clean the carpet at a high standard.

    Take a look at the equipment that our service uses while cleaning the carpet on different levels.

    If you are dealing with stains, spills, soil, allergens, and odors from food, heavy foot traffic, or even animals, we’ve got you covered. Our tried and tested cleaning techniques work on all carpet types. Let us service your carpet today!

    Low-Pressure washer as a cleaner

    Our service uses a low-pressure washer covered with a powerful cleaner to produce the desired result. The low-pressure washer is a highly-used cleaner to clean the carpet, and it is responsible for cleaning any amount of dirt and bacteria on the carpet. Extensive cleaning becomes possible through the use of this mechanism. The low-pressure washer comes with electric-powered pressure, capable of cleaning heavy mildew, oil, and stains on the carpet.

    Using a low-pressure washer reduces noise levels to ensure no disturbance occurs in any area. This low pressure is the best mechanism to achieve a clean carpet with high ease and noise reduction features.

    Vacuum Cleaner as the dirt consumption

    A vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice to absorb all the dust and dirt hanging on your carpet. Prime Shine Solutions uses the best vacuum cleaner containing plenty of suction to use on a multi-surface layer of the carpet. We deliver an excellent method of sucking all the tiniest dust particles from your carpet through the use of a vacuum cleaner. With that service, we ensure you in giving an environment free of dust and dirt.


    A mop is an effective tool required in thoroughly wiping away any specks of dot or dirt stuck on your plastic, acrylic, or nylon carpet. Prime Shine Solutions make use of other tools for mopping. We use buckets infused with detergent water to effectively mop the areas on the carpet. Thereby mopping the carpet gives it a shiny and clean texture which sanitizes your entire carpet surface too.

    Spray as a protector

    Prime Shine Solutions performs the final step by using the spray. The spray is highly needed to avoid dust, stains, mold, mildew, and harmful bacteria. Therefore, Prime shine Solutions make full use of a spray to stop any cracking or tearing in your carpet.

    Final thoughts

    Carpet cleaning does not take too many days, and bearing that in mind, we ensure in following the best techniques and tools to deliver a quick result. In this manner, Prime Shine solutions take care of every dirt, mold, and stains present on your carpet.

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